Footwear sourced and made in America. Crafted for everyday wear and always made from quality hides, your pair will last for many seasons.  We are bringing footwear manufacturing back to our state, and you are helping us keep the craft alive. Read more about our story here

as seen in

Produced with non automated machines

Footwear meant to wear well. Each pair is designed, cut, sewn and assembled in Asheville, NC by human hands.

vegetable tanned

Your shoes go where you go, they see all of the things you do, take on the elements with you, and sometimes they’re the life of the party. We decided to use vegetable tanned leather for many reasons, but the uniqueness of the material and the life that it will live stands out the most.

The indigo from your raw denim, the beer and coffee you spill - your shoes take on these little parts of you and become an expression of your every day life. They’ll wear well and be a part of your story, like no other shoe in your closet. These shoes will be yours - and they’ll have a story to tell.