A true American sneaker brand. Every pair made in North Carolina.

Premium american footwear

True American Luxury. We are hand making the highest quality sneaker with the best materials in the world. Designed, cut & sewn in our small American factory by skilled craftspeople. Made with intention and meant to be the last sneaker brand you'll ever buy.

The core collection
Crafted by hand with superior leathers in our small American factory.
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extras and accessories
Laces, clothing and small items.
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true american luxury

made by hand every day

Designed, cut and sewn by skilled craftsmen in a small American factory. Each sneaker passes through many hands and over 80+ steps, with love.

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premium sneakers

Sneakers like you've never experienced before. Made by hand with the finest materials in the World. Designed to age beautifully and meant to be the last sneaker brand you'll buy.


crafted well in america

sneakers in action

We make the best sneaker possible with the best materials we can find. Watch Rose Anvil put our sneakers through the ringer.

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